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How to start a new business in the new year: hints and tips

By Heidi Newman - January 10, 2011

Is 2011 the year you start your own business? Do you have an idea on what to do or sell? We’ve put together a quick list of questions and things to think about when you’re considering starting your own business.  What do “the people” need or want. Do you know what to sell or what product to offer? A quick answer is to sell what you love but what you need to do is sell what people will buy. Sell...

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Steps to grow your business in 2011

By Heidi Newman - January 6, 2011

Before you opened the door on your business, chances are you did a lot of research and had help from advisors and business partners. You invested a lot of time and effort into getting the business off the ground, right? If you’ve made it through the start up phase and are now wondering what’s next, maybe it’s time to consider expanding.  What are the possibilities for expansion? Choosing one that makes sense for you is as big an undertaking as was...

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Top 5 business New Year’s resolutions

By Heidi Newman - December 30, 2010

The end of the business year is a great time to sit down and reflect on how your business fared over the year that’s just passed. It’s a perfect time to see if you achieved the goals you’d set for your business and what goals, both personal and professional, you’d like to attain in the new year. Here are the top 5 resolutions designed to help the business owner strike a better life-work balance:  1.  Be consistent: Are you promoting...

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Trade – a Great Way to Help Your Small Business Grow

By Heidi Newman - December 23, 2010

As a business owner you’re always looking to find ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Being part of a trade organization allows you to build your profits and conserve your cash flow and help your overall bottom line.  Participating in trade is another tool in a small business owners’ arsenal toward success.  In addition to freeing up cash, your business will gain exposure to customers you might never have normally had the opportunity to do business with. Working with a...

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How to Use Trade Dollars to Reward Employees

By Heidi Newman - December 20, 2010

As an employer and a member of a trade association you may sometimes wonder what, if anything, you could offer to your employees either as a reward or as a way to help your bottom line. We have compiled five ways in which you can use your trade dollars to compensate or reward employees: 1.  Bonuses – Business typically pay some sort of bonus to employees either as a reward for having met sales goals or as a year-end bonus,...

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How to market during the holidays: 5 tips for your email campaigns

By Heidi Newman - December 10, 2010

Now’s the time to ramp up your email marketing campaign for the holidays. While your customers may be busy at the malls and attending holiday parties, you want to keep your company front of mind even during these busy times. A focused holiday marketing campaign can not only keep your business front of mind with your customers but it can create a bond that will last past the holiday frenzy and into the new year. Here are our favorite 5...

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8 tips to bring in new clients

By Heidi Newman - December 6, 2010

Even though the government says the country is out of the recession, you may not be seeing any rebound in your business and many are still struggling. Entrepreneurs are fighting to get clients, to keep current customers and trying to make sales with products and services they have used since the beginning of their business.  As a business owner it’s no secret that your customers are likely spending less on non essentials and keeping more control of their bottom lines...

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5 marketing tips for your small business

By Heidi Newman - December 2, 2010

In the course of your everyday business tasks, marketing your business is almost a full time job and you have enough to do just actually running your business, right? We’ve found five ways to help you market your business, maybe there’s a few here that you haven’t even considered. Not every marketing effort will work for every business so you need to know your specific industry and client demographics before you undertake a marketing campaign. Keep in mind also, that...

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Holiday Barter

By Heidi Newman - November 30, 2010


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Ever consider penning an eBook to share your expertise?

By Heidi Newman - November 30, 2010

Business savvy entrepreneurs know that blogging is a great way to spread the word about their business but did you know that if you pen an e-book or even offer free, downloadable material from your website, you can drive even more traffic?  Before you say, “there’s no way I can write a book!” stop and consider for a moment, all of the content you 1) have on your blog, or 2) the insider expertise you – and only you –...

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