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The Fax of Life: Barter Computes

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Ted Durtz realized it was going to be a strange day when the key to his front door broke off in the lock as he was preparing to open his Office Products Warehouse one morning. To gain entry into the store, Ted was forced to break, and then crawl through, a small window. Ted thought his actions would set off his security system, but he was surprised to learn that the system apparently malfunctioned. Upon further inspection, Ted discovered that some type of small rodent chewed through the wire causing the alarm to short circuit.

A morning like this would cause most office equipment dealers to blow a fuse, but not Ted. Several years ago, he plugged into the idea of joining Tradesource and he has since enjoyed an influx of new barter business that allows him to trade for such unexpected business expenses while not affecting his cash flow. Tradesource has generated enough new business for Ted that he was able to make his needed repairs while not disrupting his business day. After placing a call to his Tradesource broker, Ted was able to find a locksmith to replace the locks on his doors, a glass company to replace the broken window, and a company to install a new security system – complete with cameras and a monitor. Ted even bartered with an exterminator to rid him of his small rodent problem.

Trade exchange clients are business owners who provide office
equipment dealers with qualified cash leads.

“The two biggest benefits that I’ve gotten from barter is a bigger share of the market in which I do business, and an influx of new cash customers,” said Kevin Wilkerson, owner of Office Outlet in Philadelphia. “I recently did a trade deal for a new copier and fax machine with a local dentist. One of his patients, who was a fairly large business owner in town, happened to be at the dentist’s office one day and notice how efficiently the staff was working. The dentist mentioned his recent purchases with my company, and referred his patient to me.

He’s become a lucrative cash customer; he bought two fax machines and a printer, and now we’re providing him with office supplies. The trade deal I did with the dentist was not only a great great Always keep in mind that barter is still a business deal. That means you should use the same good sense in making barter decisions as you would if you were paying cash. Check out the company: How long have they been in business? What do their clients say about them? Do they have a showroom and a directory? Are they members of the National Association of Trade Exchanges? These are all important things you need to know before joining a barter exchange.

With these guidelines in mind, office equipment store owners can take an ancient practice like barter and put it to work in the modern world.

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