Leverage Trade

A business can leverage trade to its fullest capacity by engaging in a variety of trade strategies. These strategies range from using trade to collect receivables to creating strategic partnerships in the trade network.  Watch this short video to learn more about creating strategic partnerships.

Other Trade Strategies

1. Pay with Trade Credits
When a vendor outside the exchange tries to sell you something you want, offer to pay for it in trade credits. Feel free to negotiate full or partial trade payments with anyone pursuing your business. Your broker will expedite all the necessary paperwork to set up an exclusive vendor account.
2. Collect Receivables with Trade Credits
If a business does not have trade credits with which to pay you, we may be willing to accept their products & services so that you can be collect the amount due you.
3. Sell for Trade Credits
When a prospective client outside the exchange will not buy your product or service, and you really want the business, offer to sell it for trade credits. If your prospective client does not have an account, we’ll set it up so you can make your sale.
4. Pay Creditors with Trade Credits
When you are short on cash, Tradesource will be happy to open an account with one of your creditors so you can settle all or a portion of your debt with trade credits.
5. Pay Trade Credits Bonuses to Employees
Many of our clients use trade credits to reduce payroll or to flesh out a bonus program. Our web site offers countless ways for your employees to spend their trade credits.
6. Travel on Trade Credits
Use the travel department for business travel and personal vacations. Tradesource has a large selection of hotels, resorts, cruises, and other travel opportunities available from around the world. Be sure you get acquainted with our availabilities.
7. Use Sub-Account Contracts
Set up sub-accounts for family, employees, and vendors who do not want to join the exchange. Paying trade to sub-accounts is as easy as writing a check. The only difference is you don’t spend any cash. Sub-account contracts are available from your broker.
8. Advertise with Trade Credits
Use the media department to convert your trade credits into cash customers. One of the best ways to spend your trade is in advertising that can help your business grow.
9. Donate Trade Credits to Charity
Donate trade credits to your favourite charity. Simply tell your broker to whom you would like to donate credits, and we will see that it is done. We’ll also help the charity spend those trade credits on things it needs.
10. Use the Client Referral Program
Give your broker referrals to those businesses that could benefit you and the exchange. The reason Tradesource has been able to build the country’s largest independent retail barter company is that it has developed a highly successful client referral program. Ask your broker for details on our current award program.

Businesses looking for a new opportunity to increase profits and leverage  trade dollars to replace existing cash expenses can benefit from joining the Tradesource trade exchange. Request a personalized demonstration or get started today.


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