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Dale C. Davis, D.D.S.
Member since 1987

Just a note to express appreciation for the many years of help. My wife and I were looking around our home the other day, and realized that just about everything in it was purchased through trade. Most of our furniture, paintings, a player piano, our organ, a grandfather clock, TVs, microwave, beds, kachinas, (and the list goes on), were secured through the good ole barter system. We have enjoyed our association with Tradesource, and want to thank you for all you do.

Dr. Dale C. Davis – davisinthesun@yahoo.com

Visco Technology
Member since 2009

I want to thank you for recommending Greenway Family Auto as a Tradesource member I could work with to get my tired Toyota truck engine replaced. I left my truck with them on July 1st with the instructions to install a replacement engine which I purchased through Ebay and shipped directly to them. When I returned from Vacation on the 14th, I picked up my truck and found it running beautifully – all of the work done without a hitch. They took care to recommend a few extra things to insure the success of the project. They are pleasant people to work with, did the job promptly and I was able to pay most of the bill through Tradesource credit. Greenway Family Auto is now on my list of highly recommended auto service shops.

Jake Ryan – jakeryan@viscotechnology.com

Apex Carpet Cleaning and Flood Restoration
Member since 2006

My company has been working with Tradesource since last year (2006). I have found them to be reliable and helpful through providing information regarding items useful to my company. Also the staff of Tradesource have been very successful on finding items that I need and they have been very generous when my employees call for assistance. I will continue to work with Tradesource! And I recommend other companies on working with them as well. If you have any further questions, please call at (602) 252-8383 office or at (602) 791-1805 cell phone.

Rich Sparta – www.theapexcc.com

A+ Tax Service
Member since 2004

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the booklet you sent us with different companies and services that deal with Tradesource. I’ve used Jiminey Cricket and Auto Glass Solutions, and they both responded kindly and professionally. This booklet has been so helpful when I’ve needed it after business hours and your clients were very enjoyable to deal with.
Thank you for your cooperation and your help. If you would like to reach me you may call (602) 589-6007.

Cindy Dillard – www.aplustaxservice.com

Pima Decorating
Member since 1998

I appreciate the benefits of being a member of Tradesource. When I joined in 1998, like many people I had a certain amount of apprehension. It didn’t take long to realize what a good thing bartering can be.Getting business was no problem, as I started getting orders immediately after joining. At first, I started using it on personal spending like restaurants, entertainment and travel. It was great because these are things I would normally spend money on, and now could do on trade.

Larry Boning – larryboning@yahoo.com

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