Is Trade For Me

Is Trade For Me - Yes!Trade makes sense for most businesses. There are several success characteristics of a business owner and their operations that makes them a good fit for a trade membership with a trade exchange company. Business owners interested in trade will benefit from:

  • reviewing information about how trade works,
  • understanding the benefits of trade,
  • and analyzing their business operations
One way to analyze a business’ fit for trade is for the business owner to take the  “Is Trade for Me?” Quiz, based on questions suggested by the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA). The Trade Quiz is a points-based quiz with different values assigned to each the answer. The results of the Quiz reflect the business owner’s entrepreneurial spirit together with business performance  factors. Take the Quiz below to determine your fit with our trade exchange company.

“Is Trade For Me?” Quiz

To take the “Is Trade For Me?” quiz, complete your information below. A representative from Tradesource will contact you to discuss the results or you can contact the Tradesource office at your convenience.

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