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Tradesource Member Profile: Dynamic Pest Control

By Heidi Newman - April 4, 2011

Since July of 1976, Dynamic Pest Control Services has been providing pest control services for homeowners and businesses in the Valley offering: General pest control Home sealing for scorpions Pigeon control Rodent removal Bed bug removal Bee eradication Termite inspections and treatments Dynamic is a family-owned and operated business that sets itself apart from the competition with its convenient and friendly customer service. “Being family-owned and operated, we value the relationships we’ve formed over the past 35 years. We enjoy...

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Business Owners: Consider Trade as a Way to Lower Expenses

By Heidi Newman - March 24, 2011

Trade, also known as barter, is one of many tools in the entrepreneur toolbox of success. As a member of a trade or barter organization such as Tradesource, Inc.,  your business will build profits by conserving cash while covering expenses with trade dollars and expanding the customer base. Because you will be interacting with customers who may not have ever used your goods or services, you are creating new lines of businesses.  Trade clients often lead to cash clients. Whether...

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Tradesource Member Profile: K9katelynn

By Heidi Newman - February 22, 2011

K9katelynn has been training dogs of all shapes and sizes for the past six years. The method of training involves positive reinforcement which sets them apart from others. This also offers a more positive experience for the pet and its owner. The use of the positive reinforcement dog training method is gaining in popularity even though in the United States only about 25% of trainers use this method. “Too much training is done today that harms the dog and its...

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What every small business owner should know about budgeting for success

By Heidi Newman - February 16, 2011

When you’re an entrepreneur managing your cash flow is one of the biggest challenges that you face. Having a budget in place can help you meet this challenge, though. If you’ve left a job to run your business you will likely be faced with sporadic income which can make personal budgeting a challenge as well. We’ve put together these tips for small business owners in Arizona as a way to create a budget that helps you grow your business, pay...

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Five start up tips for Arizona entrepreneurs

By Heidi Newman - February 13, 2011

When you’re starting a business there is no blueprint that will guarantee success. There are some common mistakes that entrepreneurs make that can almost guarantee failure, though. Here, though are the top five things to keep in mind when you’re starting out to help propel your business toward success.  1.    Cast your net wide: You might operate in a niche market or product, but even so, your company will hit a brick wall if the target that you’re marketing to...

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Bartering your way to more business

By Heidi Newman - February 11, 2011

Barter, ie trading, your goods and services for other goods and services is a tradition started in the early years when farmers traded chickens to doctors for medical attention. Today, you can use trade to get what you need in exchange for a service or product you have to offer. Trade can involve services ranging from pest control to public relations to salon services, clothing and housekeeping. In economic tough times, trading for goods and services is a great way...

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How to avoid these business start-up traps

By Heidi Newman - February 8, 2011

When you’re starting your new business venture it’s easy to trip up if you haven’t fully thought through your idea and planned for success. It is true that if you “fail to plan” you “plan to fail.” Through Tradesource, we offer members several avenues that can propel their business toward financial success. Here are our top tips to help your business venture succeed: Plan for growth: Sure you’ve just opened the doors, and things are going gangbusters so you might...

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How to use trade to reward employees

By Heidi Newman - February 4, 2011

Times are tight for almost all businesses but you have amazing employees who are working hard and picking up the slack because they not only believe in you and your company’s mission and vision but they truly love their jobs. How can you reward those employees who have stuck with you through thick and thin but still keep an eye on the bottom line when cash is tight. If you’re a member of a trade association you can offer your...

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Considering trade? Trade myths addressed

By Heidi Newman - February 2, 2011

Business owners who are considering getting into trade are sometimes bombarded with incorrect or incomplete information and they sometimes come to the idea of trade with preconceived notions. We know that trade/barter is a great way to help entrepreneurs grow their business while helping the bottom line.  Here are the biggest misconceptions that we hear from potential trade members:  Misconception 1: I can’t pay my employees with barter. Answer: While you can’t write a paycheck to your employees through trade,...

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How your small business can benefit from barter

By Heidi Newman - January 19, 2011

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s been in business for a long while or if you are just starting out, finding ways to save cash to get the enterprise up and running can be crucial to your success. By participating in trade aka barter, you can free up the cash needed to pay rent or utilities while being able to trade for other items you need to operate, such as: advertising, supplies, bookkeeping and other business essentials. According to the International...

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