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Propel your business influence: Write a book

What’s the quickest way to set yourself apart from the competition? How can you easily propel your status from simply business owner to expert? Write a book. If you notice business owners who operate a business similar to yours surpassing you in speaking engagements and sheer number of clients, it could be because they’ve written a book and are now a sought-after commodity.

Individuals are almost immediately acknowledged as an expert once they’ve put their knowledge into print. What do you do best and shouldn’t you be sharing it with your clients, potential clients and to book yourself speaking engagements? You don’t have to pen a 300 page book to say you’ve written a book. Today’s busy entrepreneurs don’t have time to sit down with anything that long – they are looking for quick answers to pressing problems. Consider that your book could be a booklet, a series of columns that you’ve pulled together and put under one cover, a white paper or a downloadable ebook or free report.

If you’re looking to promote your business then it makes sense to write about what you know. Are you an expert at starting, building, then selling businesses at a profit? Can you show budding entrepreneurs how to build their social media market reach? Write about what you do best, what you’re known for and watch your reputation soar. Have you joined a trade association and seen your business soar? Share the tips you’ve learned.

Here are three tips to make writing your book an even easier task to accomplish:

  1.  Write what you know. If you’re passionate about your business enterprise, share that passion on the pages of your book. If you’re thinking about your business all the time, start jotting down notes – this can be the jumping off point for your book.
  2. Do some research. Read books in fields similar to the business you operate. See what has been written in your field, see what’s missing and make certain that is a part of your book – set yourself apart from the competition. Do a Google search to see what articles are on line and again, find ways to set yourself apart from the crowd.
  3. If you don’t know how to write or where to begin, take a class or hire a ghostwriter or writing coach to help get your book underway. If you have already done speaking engagements based around your potential book topic, pull that information together and use that as the jumping off point.

When you’re putting your book idea together remember the types of questions your clients ask – these are potential book chapters, especially if the questions asked center around a particular theme. These questions speak to a “pain point” felt by your clients and when you’re writing your book you’re in position to address those concerns. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day and get your book underway!



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