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Why You Can Never Have Too Much Barter Money

A misinformed comment that we hear from time to time is that a company does not want to take on any more barter customers (for a time) because they have too much barter money. Most of these companies would also tell you that they are not at full capacity with their businesses, which means thy are missing out on lots of opportunity. Barter

Get More Exposure

In the Tradesource barter network, we have lots of opportunities to get exposure for your business. These include a complete selection of advertising opportunities as well as multiple online marketing opportunities such as social media marketing, or search engine optimization.

If you feel as if you have too much barter money but realize you don’t have as much business as you want, it’s time to convert that barter money into new customers by engaging in some form of promotion for your business. Simply contact us or your broker and we can help you find the ideal marketing or advertising medium for your barter budget. The goal would be to see you increase your revenues by attracting new business outside of the barter network (cash customers) and make room for the additional barter customers waiting to do business with you.

Reduce Cash Expenses

Another great way to ensure that you don’t have too much barter money is to spend it on services that you are currently spending cash on. This will free up your cash – improving your cash flow – and help you spend your barter money. As you spend down, you will realize that you can take on more barter customers.

Being an active member of a barter network has lots of benefits. Holding on to your barter money doesn’t serve anyone, including yourself. As you find yourself looking at your barter balance, ask yourself if it makes sense to invest some of that hard earned barter money in growing the business through advertising or marketing, or call your broker to find out how they can help you reduce your cash-spend by converting costs to barter.


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