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Will a Business Coach Help Your Business Grow?

As an entrepreneur, you know you need to spend time at networking events and seminars, both as a way to stay in front of industry news as well as staying in front of the minds of clients and potential clients. what I do for a living and I also like to hear from people who are in my same career path — social media and writing.

It doesnt’ matter how many sessions you attend in your particular area of expertise, chances are you learn something at every event. You’ll learn a new way to problem solve, about new technologies in your industry or simply a new way to prospect for clients.

As a way to grow a business, it seems that many entrepreneurs are turning to the expertise of business coaches and mentors — and we have individuals in those professions on Tradesource. Signing up for a leadership seminar is also a way to enhance your area of expertise and move your career forward. Mentors and business coaches, those who use them say, help to open your eyes to a new point of view, help you hone your target clientele and simply help you get outside of yourself and see where you may be stumped and need that new perspective to continue to grow.Some of the networking events you likely attend are heavy on handing out business cards, shaking hands and making your elevator pitch, right?  Even those events that don’t particularly state that as their purpose are still opportunities to shake hands, meet someone new and connect to a potential business partner. When attending these events, be open to talking to someone new; but don’t try to sell me something the first minute I meet you; follow up once the meeting is over. Strike while the iron is hot — you never know where you’ll end up!

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