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Want to be a chosen service provider? Eight great tips

When you’re looking to do business with owners of small, but growing enterprises, you know they are deeply invested in their company’s day-to-day operations. When it’s a small business, the owner is involved in virtually every aspect of the operation.

Because the entrepreneur is so busy they simply don’t have time to listen to endless sales pitches from suppliers. Even with this, though, no one depends more on suppliers to keep them up and running than the small business owners. If you want to get your foot in the door, you can overcome the objections a small business owner may have by being proactive and answering the following questions before you knock on the door.

 #1) How do I know you? If you’re making a cold call, this is a concern that is top of mind for the business owner. You need to present your credentials, qualifications, and most importantly referrals if you have them. You need to let the customer know they can trust you.

 #2) Are you going to save me time/effort? Convincing the entrepreneur that you can save them time is the greatest benefit you can present. Will you save them shipping, delivery, computer input time? If so, let them know.

 #3) Are you going to help me save, or make more, money? An everyday concern for a small business owner is the bottom line. Show them the ROI (return on investment), demonstrate how they will profit by using your service and show how profits can increase. Also, this would be the time to see what kind of a part barter could play in their business – and your sales presentation.

 #4) Do you know my business or industry? Don’t go to a company trying to sell them widgets if they print paper. You need to target your message toward that business owner’s particular industry. Speak to specifics of that particular business.

 #5) Where’s the proof? Do you have information to back up your claims? Again, this could be a time to work testimonials into the conversation and make certain you have supporting evidence. 

#6) What’s the catch? Again, if it sounds too good to be true, the small business owner won’t buy into your sales pitch. You need to build trust and show proof of your product.

#7) I have a contract with my current provider, why should I make a change? You need to offer compelling reasons to make a switch midstream, offer a strong incentive and overcome objections.

 #8) What do you mean, there’s no cash involved? Introduce the customer to trade as part of the pitch, show them how it can benefit them, let them know about the ability to connect with hundreds of other business owners who are looking to connect. Closing your sales pitch with, “You don’t have to pay me cash. (because you’ve already explained the benefits of trade)” is a powerful close. 

Successful marketers understand that every business owner is looking for reliable products and services so they can be profitable, and barter is certainly a way to help them boost the bottom line.


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