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Take Charge of Your Business Marketing With These Five Tips

Networking, both online and in person, is necessary to grow your business. You will also need to find the best ways to advertise your business whether it’s through television, radio or newspapers; but how do you know which venue is best for your business and more importantly how will you know if your efforts are paying off? Networking with Tradesource at Mixers or on our Facebook page is another way to find new clients.

Some marketing ideas will work in one form or another for most businesses, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It may be a trial and error to find where your marketing time and dollars are best spent. For every marketing plan you implement, make certain you have tracking steps in place to measure your results.

Here are some marketing and advertising ideas to try:

  1. Cross-sell your services and products. If a client is happy with your goods or services, they are your best prospect for an up-sell conversation. It’s an easy conversation, “You’re happy with product A, would you like to know what you can get with product B? And by the way, we’re offering a limited time offer discount to existing clients.”
  2. Spread the news! Send a press release – don’t send one unless you have a hook to a local news story or are celebrating a milestone. Free publicity can be profitable.
  3. Write an article, or hire someone to write an article for you. If you subscribe to trade magazines or newspapers in your industry, pen an article for one of its issues. Article writing is a great way to build your expertise and reach. Blog about who you are and what you do. Make your blog posts relevant to the market or audience and offer helpful tips and hints to the reader. Announce special sales and offers on your blog. Be active on social media.
  4. When is the last time you had a phone call or face-to-face meeting with your clients? Organize a summer picnic or other event to gather your clients and have an Appreciation Luncheon. If that isn’t within your budget, pick up the telephone and have a conversation with your client – a “how are you doing” talk just to touch base.
  5.  Ask for referrals and offer a referral gift or discount. Do you ask your current clients for referrals? It’s easy and they already work with you and like what you do! Offer a referral discount to a client who comes on board based on a referral and make certain you acknowledge the client that offered it. Send a special thank you gift to the client.

While there are many other marketing ideas to try and steps you can take to interact and connect with your clients, and potential clients, implement a few of these and test its effectiveness.  Don’t forget to check the member list on Tradesource for professionals that can help you with your marketing and promotions.


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