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Seven Ways To Reap The Most Benefit From Your Tradesource Membership

You joined a trade association and now you’re wondering how you can make the most of your membership. You’ve heard so many great things about how a trade association membership can help your business grow, but now that you’re in the midst of it, how can you make it work for you? Here are seven ways that savvy business owners make the most of their Tradesource membership to grow their business and network their way to success:

  1.  Network, network, network: You can’t grow your business if you don’t attend Tradesource networking events and meetings. If you attend the meetings, participate in giving your elevator speech, shake hands, collect business cards and follow up afterward.
  2. Attend events other than Tradesource meetings. Go to conferences workshops and other activities with a plan of how to market yourself and your business and what you can offer to the people you meet.
  3. Be more than a spectator. Paying dues and showing up for meetings is a start but you need to be active and involved. Are there committees you can join? Can you contribute your skills to the association? Volunteer your skills and expertise.
  4. Be socially active: Does the Trade association have a social media presence? It is on Facebook? Have you “liked” the page? If so, interact and join the conversation.
  5. Get together with potential business partners outside of the regular meetings. Is there a member with whom you want to work and with whom you feel your business would be a good fit? Invite a potential business partner out for coffee to get to know one another.
  6. Take advantage of advertising opportunities. Does your Trade association put out a newsletter? If so do they have a place for advertisers? You should have an ad in that newsletter to get your business name in front of the members. Is there a way you can provide a special offer to members? Do that as well.
  7. Never forget to follow up. There is nothing worse than meeting someone at an event and telling them, “I’ll call you next week,” but then you never do. Don’t be an invisible networker.

Being a part of Tradesource, or any other trade association, is more than paying dues – it needs to be an active part of your marketing program. How do you take advantage and make the most of your membership? Let us know on our Facebook — don’t forget to check out our new Idaho Association as well.


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