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Member profile: Deidre Morhet

Deidre Morhet was a real-life “rocket scientist.”  This New York native has a Masters in Engineering and worked with NASA in Houston.  Deidre married Jeff and has four children.  Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, she helped small businesses with accounting issues after she moved to Phoenix fourteen years ago.  In 2004, Morhet created BASC Expertise, a small business-consulting firm.

BASC Expertise, located in Mesa, Arizona, provides tax, payroll and accounting services, all the things that most small business owners hate to do.  Morhet also focuses on consumer tax issues such as short sales and foreclosures, and debt forgiveness, unfortunate necessities in this economy.

Morhet joined Tradesource in 2010.  “I was attracted by the business and personal values the company professes.”  She soon learned about the other benefits of Tradesource, e.g., for satisfying basic business needs and freeing up funds for priorities.  During her appearance on a Channel 3 TV segment on Tradesource, she showed how she uses Tradesource for doctor visits and dance lessons for the children.  “The money I saved through Tradesource even allowed me to expand my staff,” Morhet says.


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