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Tradesource Member Profile: K9katelynn

K9katelynn has been training dogs of all shapes and sizes for the past six years. The method of training involves positive reinforcement which sets them apart from others. This also offers a more positive experience for the pet and its owner. The use of the positive reinforcement dog training method is gaining in popularity even though in the United States only about 25% of trainers use this method. “Too much training is done today that harms the dog and its relationship with its owner. In dog training, short cuts lead to unhappy owners and unhappy dogs,” K9katelynn shared.

The owners of K9katelynn look at the service they provide as a relationship between themselves, the dog and the owner. “We’re not looking to make a quick dollar and we make sure the dog is trained to help the client.”

The company received high ratings from BBB. They are proud members of the APDT – the largest organization in the world for dog trainers.

If you’re looking for a price quote, K9katelynn doesn’t offer those over the phone. “Unlike the competition, we feel we need to do an evaluation at the owner’s and the dog’s home.” Based on the evaluation they put together a training package. “We care more about you and your dog than a simple quote and we want to make sure the work with your dog is done correctly and only an in-home evaluation can let us know that.”

K9katelynn prides itself on properly training dogs in a humane way to the satisfaction of client pet owners.  K9katelynn has built relationships with groomers, veterinarians, food stores and others throughout the valley.

In addition to the work they do with dog owners the owners of K9katelynn also volunteer for the Lost Our Home Project. This is a non-profit group of real estate professionals that rescue pets left behind because of home foreclosure or other financial hardships.

A member of Tradesource since November 2010 K9katelynn has gained four new clients and have raised awareness of the service that they offer.

K9katelynn offers owners complimentary evaluations so they know what type of training the dog might need. If you love your dog then you need to work with trainers who, “Love helping people and dogs!”


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