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Avoid These PR Mistakes In Your Business Messages

By Heidi Newman - 16th October 2012

Small business owners are always looking for ways to spread the word about what they do and how they do it. One of those ways is by sending...

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Set Yourself Apart By Providing Exceptional Customer Service

By Heidi Newman - 9th October 2012

If you surveyed your long-term clients would they say that the customer service they receive now is as great as it was when they first started working with...

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Take Charge of Your Business Marketing With These Five Tips

By Heidi Newman - 25th September 2012

Networking, both online and in person, is necessary to grow your business. You will also need to find the best ways to advertise your business whether it’s through...

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Positive Attitudes Breed Positive Attitudes

By Heidi Newman - 17th August 2012

No one can deny the power of positive thinking and as that thought goes, you can’t deny the power of surrounding yourself with positive people. Not only does...

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Stress-free Networking Tips

By Heidi Newman - 14th August 2012

As a small business owner there are so many things you have to do on a daily and weekly basis and one of those simply has to be...

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Will a Business Coach Help Your Business Grow?

By Heidi Newman - 20th June 2012

As an entrepreneur, you know you need to spend time at networking events and seminars, both as a way to stay in front of industry news as well as staying...

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Make Your Business Blog Work For You

By Heidi Newman - 14th June 2012

Has your website stopped being a sales tool? If you find that traffic has gone down and page views are dropping, consider starting a business blog. These are...

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Five Sure-Fire Small Business Marketing Strategies

By Heidi Newman - 5th April 2012

Entrepreneurs know they need to set their business apart from the competition and they’re always looking for a new marketing strategy that will propel them above all others....

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Don’t Make These Facebook Mistakes

By Heidi Newman - 12th March 2012

There are critics of Facebook’s social commerce say that the concept will be “a footnote in the pages of tech history.” Whether this is true or not remains...

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How Effective Is Social Media For Your Industry?

By Heidi Newman - 2nd March 2012

If you’ve ever wondered how well social media works for your particular industry segment and how your competitors are using social media, we offer information on five broad...

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