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Steps To Take To Prepare For A Speaking Engagement

By Heidi Newman - 28th August 2012

Whether you speak at a Tradesource Mixer or are a speaker or coach, you are called upon to get up in front of a group and “be engaging.” Are there...

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Being Productive As A Virtual Employee

By Heidi Newman - 23rd August 2012

Not all business owners have the luxury of working from a home office, but if you do you know that it is sometimes easy to get distracted from...

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How Do You Measure Productivity?

By Heidi Newman - 25th April 2012

As an entrepreneur, how do you measure productivity? Whether you manage a group of employees, a handful of independent contractors or are merely keeping track of your own...

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‘Tis the season for employee bonuses

By Heidi Newman - 12th December 2011

You’re a member of Tradesource and know there are ways you can reward your employees through the use of your barter dollars. Here are a few ways in...

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Business Owners: Consider Trade as a Way to Lower Expenses

By Heidi Newman - 24th March 2011

Trade, also known as barter, is one of many tools in the entrepreneur toolbox of success. As a member of a trade or barter organization such as Tradesource,...

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Steps to grow your business in 2011

By Heidi Newman - 6th January 2011

Before you opened the door on your business, chances are you did a lot of research and had help from advisors and business partners. You invested a lot...

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Trade – a Great Way to Help Your Small Business Grow

By Heidi Newman - 23rd December 2010

As a business owner you’re always looking to find ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Being part of a trade organization allows you to build your profits and...

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How to Use Trade Dollars to Reward Employees

By Heidi Newman - 20th December 2010

As an employer and a member of a trade association you may sometimes wonder what, if anything, you could offer to your employees either as a reward or...

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How to market during the holidays: 5 tips for your email campaigns

By Heidi Newman - 10th December 2010

Now’s the time to ramp up your email marketing campaign for the holidays. While your customers may be busy at the malls and attending holiday parties, you want...

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8 tips to bring in new clients

By Heidi Newman - 6th December 2010

Even though the government says the country is out of the recession, you may not be seeing any rebound in your business and many are still struggling. Entrepreneurs...

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