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The Most Effective Way to Spend Your Barter Money

By Heidi Newman - 30th August 2016

For those new to barter, you may not have thought out a strategy as to how to spend your newfound money. Perhaps, you found a vacation deal through...

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Why The Barter Dollar Is More Powerful Than Cash

By Heidi Newman - 13th July 2016

Do you believe that spending money in a barter network is more valuable than spending cash? If you don’t, then keep on reading and see if you don’t...

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Can’t Use Your Timeshare? Use Your Barter Network to Recoup Your Money

By Heidi Newman - 12th May 2016

Do you own a timeshare you can’t use? Can’t find a friend or family member who wants to use your week? If this is you, Tradesource has a...

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Online Resources For Business Owners

By Heidi Newman - 1st October 2012

As an entrepreneur you’re inundated with information, how-tos and best practice tips and hints from colleagues and from websites. We are all bombarded daily with more information than...

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Take Charge of Your Business Marketing With These Five Tips

By Heidi Newman - 25th September 2012

Networking, both online and in person, is necessary to grow your business. You will also need to find the best ways to advertise your business whether it’s through...

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Steps To Take To Prepare For A Speaking Engagement

By Heidi Newman - 28th August 2012

Whether you speak at a Tradesource Mixer or are a speaker or coach, you are called upon to get up in front of a group and “be engaging.” Are there...

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Being Productive As A Virtual Employee

By Heidi Newman - 23rd August 2012

Not all business owners have the luxury of working from a home office, but if you do you know that it is sometimes easy to get distracted from...

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Stress-free Networking Tips

By Heidi Newman - 14th August 2012

As a small business owner there are so many things you have to do on a daily and weekly basis and one of those simply has to be...

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Will a Business Coach Help Your Business Grow?

By Heidi Newman - 20th June 2012

As an entrepreneur, you know you need to spend time at networking events and seminars, both as a way to stay in front of industry news as well as staying...

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Make Your Business Blog Work For You

By Heidi Newman - 14th June 2012

Has your website stopped being a sales tool? If you find that traffic has gone down and page views are dropping, consider starting a business blog. These are...

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