Benefits of Barter

How Barter Can Strengthen Your Balance Sheet

By Heidi Newman - 11th August 2016

There are so many benefits to barter and strengthening your barter account another amazing benefit. Let’s look at how this works. Strengthen Your Assets Your barter account will...

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Would You Like a Guaranteed Line of Credit for Your Business?

By Heidi Newman - 24th May 2016

Many small business owners find themselves needing funds for unplanned expenses. Often, they seek out sources of business credit – such as lines of credit or credit cards...

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Why You Can Never Have Too Much Barter Money

By Heidi Newman - 29th April 2016

A misinformed comment that we hear from time to time is that a company does not want to take on any more barter customers (for a time) because...

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A Good Barter Network Can’t Fix A Broken Business

By Heidi Newman - 15th April 2016

(A post from one of our members) I’ve been a member of Tradesource for several years and I wanted to share about a disturbing trend that I have...

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How to Grow Your Business to Full Capacity

By Heidi Newman - 19th January 2016

Is your business currently at full capacity? Do you have any free time in your week? Do you have any holes in your schedule to fill up? What...

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