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Tradesource Holiday Event Makes Gift Giving A Breeze

By TradesourceBarter - November 11, 2011

The holidays are drawing near and with budgets still being stretched to the limit for many people, it’s not always easy to plan for the gifts you need to purchase for friends, family and colleagues. Shoppers are looking to buy local and patronize local merchants and work with Tradesource partners, and for the local economy to rebound – this is a great shopping strategy. When considering your gift giving options, why not think outside of the box? Here are a...

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What is Twitter Doing For Your Business?

By TradesourceBarter - October 31, 2011

Chances are you’re signed up for Twitter and you use it occasionally but you wonder if it’s truly doing anything to help you and your business. Is there just too much noise on Twitter to make a difference? Are the masses really reading your tweets? For the longest time I really didn’t get the point of Twitter. I have followers, I follow people but truly, how am I supposed to keep up with the thousands – sometimes more – of tweets that come...

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Tradesource Member Profile: Nancy D. Breiman, Arbonne Consultant

By TradesourceBarter - October 21, 2011

Nancy D. Breiman, a Tradesource member for almost one year, is an independent Consultant with Arbonne. She has been involved with Arbonne since 2006 when she became a loyal and by her own words, an avid user, of their “fantastic Re9 Anti-aging skin products.” She realized the how wonderful the products were and began to “Arbonnize” her home with the body care and nutritional products. “I was telling all my friends about these great products. So, I decided to capitalize...

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Seven Ways To Reap The Most Benefit From Your Tradesource Membership

By TradesourceBarter - October 3, 2011

You joined a trade association and now you’re wondering how you can make the most of your membership. You’ve heard so many great things about how a trade association membership can help your business grow, but now that you’re in the midst of it, how can you make it work for you? Here are seven ways that savvy business owners make the most of their Tradesource membership to grow their business and network their way to success:  Network, network, network:...

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Top 10 Tips For Marketing Your Business

By TradesourceBarter - September 22, 2011

If you’re an entrepreneur you know you need to make every dollar count, especially as it relates to your marketing budget. You need to decide where to put your marketing budget where it will make the most sense and draw in the largest potential client pool. One way for business owners in Phoenix and Idaho to amp up their marketing and reach new markets is through a targeted approach through low-cost/no-cost marketing techniques on social media platforms. Social media, done...

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Propel your business influence: Write a book

By TradesourceBarter - September 7, 2011

What’s the quickest way to set yourself apart from the competition? How can you easily propel your status from simply business owner to expert? Write a book. If you notice business owners who operate a business similar to yours surpassing you in speaking engagements and sheer number of clients, it could be because they’ve written a book and are now a sought-after commodity. Individuals are almost immediately acknowledged as an expert once they’ve put their knowledge into print. What do...

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How to effectively use trade to grow your business

By TradesourceBarter - August 15, 2011

Did you know that if you use trade effectively that you can propel your business to even higher levels of success? If you effectively manage your trade transactions you’ll find you can draw in more customers, make more sales, use your trade dollars to purchase goods and services for your business and free up cash for those items which are not on trade. With the state of the economy today, savvy business owners need to think outside of the box...

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Why should you become an entrepreneur?

By TradesourceBarter - August 9, 2011

Individuals are jumping into entrepreneurship in record numbers recently. You may be wondering what traits entrepreneurs share and if it’s time for you to take the plunge. Whether you’re looking to leave the daily grind of your current career, are unemployed or under-employed, going into business for yourself just may be the way to go! There are many reasons to become entrepreneur, including: Dissatisfaction and frustration with your current career. Long commutes, low pay, difficult bosses, these are just a...

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5 Traits of successful business owners

By TradesourceBarter - July 28, 2011

Whether you’re in the midst of running a business or if you’re considering becoming an Arizona or Idaho entrepreneur as a way to not only enhance your current income but as a way to pursue a passion, there are several traits that entrepreneurs share. Not only do those entrepreneurially minded individuals have the ambition and drive to run with an idea for a new product or service, they also have the wherewithal to stick with it even when times are...

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Want your business to be more profitable? Look to trade

By TradesourceBarter - July 21, 2011

If you want your business to be more profitable, and what business owner isn’t looking for that, this is a great time to turn your attention to trade aka barter. The idea of trading for goods and services has been around for centuries and has been gaining in popularity by business-savvy entrepreneurs. Membership in Tradesource can help you increase your profits by lowering your overhead and operating costs. When you join a trade group you will be interacting with other...

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