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Want to be a chosen service provider? Eight great tips

By TradesourceBarter - October 14, 2010

When you’re looking to do business with owners of small, but growing enterprises, you know they are deeply invested in their company’s day-to-day operations. When it’s a small business, the owner is involved in virtually every aspect of the operation. Because the entrepreneur is so busy they simply don’t have time to listen to endless sales pitches from suppliers. Even with this, though, no one depends more on suppliers to keep them up and running than the small business owners....

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Trade and its tax benefits – tax neutral operation

By TradesourceBarter - October 11, 2010

Want to increase your business’s cash flow? Of course you do and you can – through trade, commonly known as barter.  Trading products, services or expertise with other companies, can free up cash flow and get the products, services or expertise you need.  However it’s important to understand that whether you participate in trade either through “direct trade,” i.e., trading marketing services for accounting and bookkeeping, or for “trade credit” through a trade exchange like Tradesource, Inc., trading is a...

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Restaurants mix it up and keep the business coming in by turning to barter

By TradesourceBarter - September 13, 2010

Barter has been around for centuries. It all began when the patient traded the doctor a chicken for medical services rendered. Today, barter has evolved to include anything from hair cuts to oil changes to enjoying a nice night out in a restaurant.

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Grow Your Business with Barter

By TradesourceBarter - September 2, 2010

In the 1800’s, barter was commonplace as people would pay the town grocer, the town doctor or the town barber with chickens or vegetables that they had grown on their farm. The problem was this system was inequitable. The doctor’s service was paid for with whatever the patient had on hand at the time, irrelevant of its relationship to the value of the service the doctor provided. Barter or trade exchanges began as an answer to this equality.

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Check out this funny old Schoolhouse Roc

By TradesourceBarter - July 15, 2010

Check out this funny old Schoolhouse Rock video! I’m big on trading services and if you have something to offer, we should talk. What can barter do for your small business?

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