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The Most Effective Way to Spend Your Barter Money

By TradesourceBarter - August 30, 2016

For those new to barter, you may not have thought out a strategy as to how to spend your newfound money. Perhaps, you found a vacation deal through the network and you are getting ready to spend your barter money. That vacation might be a great deal, however we want to share with you a few strategies that can help optimize your cash flow using barter.   Reduce Business Expenses The first thing you should seek to do with your...

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How Barter Can Strengthen Your Balance Sheet

By TradesourceBarter - August 11, 2016

There are so many benefits to barter and strengthening your barter account another amazing benefit. Let’s look at how this works. Strengthen Your Assets Your barter account will show up on your balance sheet as asset. Specifically, it will be listed as another account similar to how you bank accounts are listed. If you have a positive balance in your barter account, this will reflect positively on your balance sheet, showing that your company is healthier than if you had...

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Why The Barter Dollar Is More Powerful Than Cash

By TradesourceBarter - July 13, 2016

Do you believe that spending money in a barter network is more valuable than spending cash? If you don’t, then keep on reading and see if you don’t change your mind by the end of the article. Doing business in a barter network is different than doing business in the standard marketplace. In fact, there are several benefits to using a barter network to conduct business, which gives the barter dollar more value than the cash dollar. Relational Value When...

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How to Leverage Barter with Your Flex Spending Account (FSA)

By TradesourceBarter - July 7, 2016

If you or your spouse has a job outside of the business and you happen to have a Flex Spending Account (FSA), you can use barter to leverage that account and essentially convert your barter to cash. A Flex Spending Account allows you to set aside a certain amount of money per year (pre tax) to be used for qualified medical expenses. A portion of this money is then taken out each paycheck through the year and you can use...

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Would You Like a Guaranteed Line of Credit for Your Business?

By TradesourceBarter - May 24, 2016

Many small business owners find themselves needing funds for unplanned expenses. Often, they seek out sources of business credit – such as lines of credit or credit cards – only to find out that they need to personal guarantee them. It’s no secret that many entrepreneurs sacrifice their credit along the journey in hopes that they will make enough money to make good on all of their past credit blemishes. Before setting out to get any credit for your business,...

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Can’t Use Your Timeshare? Use Your Barter Network to Recoup Your Money

By TradesourceBarter - May 12, 2016

Do you own a timeshare you can’t use? Can’t find a friend or family member who wants to use your week? If this is you, Tradesource has a solution for you. Timeshares are a great way to enjoy consistent vacations, however there are occasions where you are unable to use your timeshare. As a timeshare owner, one of the benefits is being able to rent out your week if you can’t use it. Unfortunately, many timeshare owners end up losing...

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Why You Can Never Have Too Much Barter Money

By TradesourceBarter - April 29, 2016

A misinformed comment that we hear from time to time is that a company does not want to take on any more barter customers (for a time) because they have too much barter money. Most of these companies would also tell you that they are not at full capacity with their businesses, which means thy are missing out on lots of opportunity. Get More Exposure In the Tradesource barter network, we have lots of opportunities to get exposure for your...

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A Good Barter Network Can’t Fix A Broken Business

By TradesourceBarter - April 15, 2016

(A post from one of our members) I’ve been a member of Tradesource for several years and I wanted to share about a disturbing trend that I have seen. It appears that some businesses get involved in a barter network as they are in a downward spiral, hoping that there will be some miraculous revival. Even worse, they might even blame the barter network for “not coming through for them” when in reality they just had a broken business that...

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How to Grow Your Business to Full Capacity

By TradesourceBarter - January 19, 2016

Is your business currently at full capacity? Do you have any free time in your week? Do you have any holes in your schedule to fill up? What about inventory; do you have any excess inventory to move? Do you have any seats to fill at your next event? I’d like to share with you how you can solve all of these problems and more. For the past 25+ years, I have run one of the largest barter exchanges in...

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How to Use Your Barter Money for a Year End Tax Deduction

By TradesourceBarter - December 18, 2015

One of the great features of using barter currency is that when you spend your money on business expenses it creates a tax deduction. You could conceivably convert a lot of your business expenses from cash to barter and using the newly found barter revenue, which can have a very positive impact on both your cash flow and bottom line revenues. A great way that you can use your barter funds for a year-end tax deduction is to donate to...

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